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Leading Video Wal Solutions

IP-based KVM All-in-One

For each diferent proiect requirements, iSEMC offers different product technologies
sizes and resolutions to always provide the perfect solution for your project
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Control Room

Control Room

Based on AV KVM Over IP solution, it can meet various needs, route the signal source to any screen at any location, control it from any location, realize the connection of multi-platform information flow, and realize unified planning, coordination, allocation, control and management between devices or signals.
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Provide comprehensive conference room solutions for enterprises and governments, covering conference room reservation and management systems, audio systems, video systems, control systems, etc., unified and centralized control, AV over IP, all signals are based on network transmission.
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Higher Education

Higher Education

Utilize cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, mobile communications, artificial intelligence and other technologies to achieve digital infrastructure, digital resources and digital applications, and promote the construction, application and sharing of high-quality digital education resources.
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XR Virtual Shooting

The leading LED virtual digital studio solution is widely used in advertising production, film and television shooting, e-sports competitions, variety shows, press conferences, evening parties, model shooting, digital virtual exhibition halls and other application scenarios.

More Applications

The range is ideal for a variety of markets where high end visualization solution is needed, including Entertainment, Broadcast, Museum, Sport Even and more.
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After 11 years of learning and experience accumulation,

iSEMC products are being used in more than 70+ countries around the world.

Av Over IP

NPK Series is an integrated cloud node of the multimedia distributed interactive system. It is an integrated encoding and decoding device that supports manual switching to encoding or decoding cloud nodes.

interactive flat panel
OmniPad Series Interactive Flat Panel

Minimalist design, intuitive operation, the new generation of OmniPad Series omnidirectional performance are excellent for efficient meeting management and brainstorming, you deserve it.ifp3x

LCD Video Wall
LCD Video Wall
iSEMC LCD video walls are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small 2x2 setups to large installations containing dozens of panels. They offer 24/7 reliability and ease of use, and are used by NOCs, EOCs, Utilities, and Crisis Response departments around the world.
LCD Video Wall
LED Video Wall
Provide a variety of LED panels for different indoor and outdoor applications, high performance, commercial grade, pixel pitch from 0.6mm to 10mm.Our proven range of multi-display solutions produce high quality content mapping across multiple outputs, in any creative configuration imaginable.
Video Wall Controller
Video Wall Controller
VK Series Controller is modular design, easy to maintenance and extend in future. All input and output cards are hot swappable, even the power supply can be replaced during the system is running on. Using our all-in-one products, system integrators can minimize complexity of demanding AV installations.


With a global footprint and certified partners around the world, we have the breadth and depth to deploy mission-critical visualization products and solutions with speed, agility, and uniformity at one site or hundreds of sites.


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The Role of Police Conference Center for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Product & Solutions:

NP Series

Project Requirement

The National Police required a multiplex signal processing system, designed to carry out projections with different video sources, compatible with the superposition of several video layers.

I appreciate how iSEMC works so much. I like how cleanly laid out the lists are and that he continues to bring more helpful videos/demos of products to share out. I recommend working with them if you're looking for new venders and want to simply your work.
I'm hoping to grow my local business and this is exactly what I need to help build out some solutions I can use in tender and that can be passed onto any employees I hire. Awesome work, look forward to seeing more products and solutions.