Audio Microphone

This is a device that converts sound waves into electrical signals. Its core function is to capture vibrations (from speech, instruments or any other sound) and convert them so they can be amplified, recorded or transmitted. Our microphones are designed to capture sound in a variety of ways and have unique characteristics that make them ideal for specific tasks.

2-Channel Wireless handheld Microphone

WH-20H wireless handheld microphone for all kinds of meetings, training, lectures, multi-function halls and other places to provide flexible and reliable wireless solutions. The wireless system adopts UHF band wireless transmission signal, dual-antenna dual-channel receive signal, there are 100 optional channels, convenient for multiple systems to use at the same time, easily avoid all kinds of interference. The rack-mounted receiver is easy for on-site installation. The receiver adopts dual antenna, detachable design, automatic tracking tuning technology, to ensure that the system maintains the best stability in any frequency operation. Configuration of two-handed dynamic microphone, lightweight and high-strength shell, surface frosting treatment anti-slip off, rapid switch on and off, no need to mute the button, reduce operation.

2-channel Wireless Handheld Microphone

- Dual-channel UHF UHF wireless receiver with highly integrated circuit design;
- Small chassis, 1U compact design, support rack mounting;
- Metal panel with high-quality frosted glass material reflects the texture;

2-channel wireless handheld microphone

- Dual rubber antennas, low loss, removable design, enhance the received signal and highlight the high-grade appearance;
- At the same time set up a 6.3 mix output, each channel a balanced XLR-M independent output, suitable for connecting a variety of external devices;
- Adopt infrared frequency pairing method, fast frequency pairing, frequency pairing distance is far, locking speed is fast;

2-Channel Wireless Headset

WH-20HW wireless microphones provide flexible and reliable wireless solutions for all kinds of meetings, training, presentations, multi-function halls and other venues. The wireless system uses UHF frequency band wireless transmission signal, dual antenna and dual channel receiving signal, with 100 selectable channels, which is convenient for multiple systems to be used at the same time and easily avoid all kinds of interference. Rack-mounted receivers are easy to install in the field. The dual-channel receiver adopts a dual-antenna, detachable design, and automatic tracking tuning technology to ensure the best stability of the system when operating at any frequency. It is equipped with a double waist bag collar clip microphone, a lightweight and high-strength shell, and a matte surface to prevent slipping.