Digital Audio Processor

AP Series

Over the years, the AP series was born in a very high voice, which will bring a new generation of easy-to-use and cost-effective integration to the market Fixed professional audio processor. Specially designed for conference audio systems, suitable for conference rooms, churches, star hotels, auditoriums, conference centers, multi-function halls, digital courts and other applications. Intuitive graphical Chinese control interface, clear signal flow, from diversified wall control panels to mobile phone control terminals, AP4 not only brings high-quality audio, but also has strong compatibility, flexible control and simple operation Features.

Rear Panel

Product Structure

1. Main power input

2. LAN system debugging Ethernet interface

3. GPIO external control interface

4. RS-232 control port

5. Balanced analog output interface

6. Balanced analog access interface


High Performance, Multi-channel

  • Input: 8-channel balanced microphone/line, with 48V phantom power supply

  • Provide outstanding sound quality of 24bit/48KHz

  • USB2.0 audio interface, can quickly play and record audio

  • Output: 8 balanced line outputs

  • GPIO programmable control interface, 8 logic inputs, 4 voltage input control , 4 logic outputs

Flexible Control

  • Ethernet port to easily connect to computers and other network

  • LAN multi-purpose data transmission and debugging interface

  • RS-232 bidirectional serial control interface GPIO control interface

  • Support IOS mobile terminal remote control;

  • Support a full range of RC panels, using TCP/IP connection

Automatic Adjustment

  • Adaptive feedback to eliminate AFC, high-speed floating-point digital algorithm provides feedback suppression for each microphone to suppress system whistling

  • Adaptive echo cancellation AEC, quickly eliminate the echo generated in the video conference

  • Automatic gain control AGC ensures that the output volume of the audio system is stable, and the speaker's sudden distance from the microphone will not affect the volume of the audience area

  • Optimized gain pre-stage, with 0, 6, 30, 36, 42dB multi-stage gain adjustment

  • Multi-mode automatic mixing AM, selectable gate-type automatic mixing or gain-sharing automatic mixing mode

Intuitive Design, Easy To Use

  • The control software runs on the operating system above WINDOWS7

  • Full-function matrix mixing function, adjustable cross-point level

  • Group control function, channel copy, paste, joint control function

  • Comes with Chinese and English operating software, intuitive and graphical software control

  • Support 50 sets of scene preset functions