Powerful Video and Image Processing Device

NP-L Distributed

AV kvm Over IP

NP-L serise is AV over IP encoder and decoder that ultra-low latency, high quality video and audio signals over 1 Gbps Ethernet networks at low bitrates. The highly scalable and powerful enables secure deployment of AV signals to thousands of endpoints to create an IP-based video and audio control system.

NP-L serise Built-in KVM function, high synchronization and easy to control multiple workstations, PC or video resources remotely via local keyboard, mouse and monitors.

AV KVM over IP
Reliable KVM over IP
NP-L serise with USB support enables remote access to keyboards, mice and other devices (KVM) that offer flexibility in securing or accessing equipment such as digital media players that may be stored in remote locations. Using the ethernet network, using and controlling your USB devices remotely is just as easy as on your own desk.
Ultra-low latency with visually lossless compression
Decodes and Encodes professional-grade video with ultra-low latency, and the output delay is less than 100ms, guaranteeing exceptional user experience and response time in mission critical applications.
Ultra-low latency with visually lossless
UI customization
UI customization
iSEMC is committed to providing customers with better customized services, supporting customized software login interface background, system control background and layout, adding LOGO.

Flexibility and Reliable Switching

NP-L serise AV over IP solutions provide the flexibility of an IP-based system, and has the perfect performance of integrating video and audio switching with the iSEMC series products.
av over ip products
Easy Setup and Configuration
NP-L serise features a built-in, user-friendly software interface for easy access to network settings and other parameters. Support cross-network segment search for quick discovery of units on a network, simplifying diagnostics and installation.
Integration of encoding and decoding
A single device integrates encoding and decoding modes, and an external switch button is provided for custom selection of encoding and decoding modes.
ip based
Power-over-Ethernet allows the Sender and Receiver units to be powered through a standard PoE-enabled IP network switch, without the need for external power supplies.
AV over IP Solutions
av over ip solutions

More Function

Provide customers with the best quality The most cost-effective display control products
LED Support Directly
Ultra High Definition Display
Super Long Running Time
Stable 4K Transmission
Front panel IP display
Front Panel IP Display
Ultra High Definition Display
Input Source Identification Display
Super Long Running Time
Improve Compression Efficiency
Audio Matrix Design
KVM Control Millisecond Delay
Ultra High Definition Display
IR Bidirectional Transmission
Super Long Running Time
EDID Management
Audio Matrix Design
Protocol Support: RTSP / ONVIF / UDP / RTP