Centrol Control Processor


CP-800 is used in command and control center, office automation, multimedia environment and smart home and other fields. The necessary equipment for the control center, widely used in emergency alarm command center, army combat command system C4ISR, government administrative centers at all levels, building automation, conference rooms, multi-function halls, training centers, exhibition centers, studios, industrial automation, etc. field.


  • Sturdy and reliable: suitable for various occasions with high reliability requirements

  • Advanced features to support grouping of control modules

  • Remote online debugging, remote online diagnosis, remote online programming

  • Supports custom macros, editable macros, import or export macros,

  • Artificial intelligence: software can check logic and interface errors on its own


Front Panel

① PWR (Power Indicator).

② LAN (network port working indicator light).

③ STA (working status indicator light). 

④ LCD display, which can display the network IP, button status

⑤ Infrared learning window, supports infrared learning function

⑥ Programmable buttons, four programmable buttons


Rear Panel

① LAN, standard 10M/100M Ethernet interface, RJ45 terminal. 

 ②supports RS-232 communication protocol, the transmission rate can reach up to 115200bps 

 ③ COM E~H: CP800 has a total of 4 7PIN programmable bidirectional composite serial 

④ RST (Reset button). 

⑤ Power supply 24VDC 1A, the power input port is used to connect external 24VDC power input.