Common Fine Pitch LED Display

Model:TW21-3216 Series

The TW21-3216 offers high-definition visuals perfect for indoor applications. Ideal for corporate lobbies, control rooms, and luxury retail environments, it enhances spaces with stunning clarity and vibrant imagery, ensuring a premium viewing experience for all indoor settings.

Fine Pitch LED Display

featuresLED Dynamic Visual Demonstration

Easy To Achieve 4K or Higher Resolution

Our fine-pitch LED display offers customizable splicing in any size and direction, supporting various video sources for easy creation of FHD and 4K large screens. Perfect for dynamic visual presentations in corporate, retail, and entertainment settings.

Easy To Achieve 4K or Higher Resolution

Professional Image With High Refresh Rate

Up to 3840Hz high refresh rate keeps it high quality display performance even under professional camer-a,no water waves or screen flashing, totally meet the live show requirements.

Professional Image With High Refresh Rate

King Light Engineering Exclusively For Lamp

Using the specially designed lamp from King light Engineering, the lamp has a longer service life than the conventional copper bracket lamp, and has a high luminous consistency rate, which can prevent the screen color brightness from being different, can produce higher brightness through a larger current, and is not afraid of rust and corrosion.

King Light Engineering Exclusively For Lamp
HDR high definition

Good Consistency And Long Life

The TW21-3216 offers excellent consistency and longevity, ensuring reliable, uniform visual performance over an extended lifespan, ideal for sustained high-quality displays in any application.

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