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Control Room

The control room needs to achieve efficient and cost-effective system management while providing maximum operator comfort.
iSEMC is committed to providing a full range of high-performance, low-maintenance video wall display solutions

iSEMC Control Room Solutions

Incoming emergency calls, alarms, computer queries, communication of assignments, service coordination and support, warnings, documenting assignment data — there are many sides to working in a control center. Whether it's for the ambulance service, the police or the fire service, air traffic control or in industrial control rooms.

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Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)

Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)

iSEMC EOCs assist you in the vital task of emergency or disaster response and management.
Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security Operations Center (SOC)

iSEMC video wall controller solutions display solutions offer you flexibility, and they are compatible with a range of sources.
Network Operations Centers (NOC)

Network Operations Centers (NOC)

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) provide 24x7 management and control of a network’s infrastructure environment...
Traffic Management Centers

Traffic Management Centers

Traffic Management Control Center Rooms have a crucial role to play in traffic management.
Energy and Utility

Energy and Utility

Energy and Utility Control Rooms are responsible for power distribution, controlling production, water systems....
Process Control Centers

Process Control Centers

Process automation is becoming an increasingly widespread application, and there are now high expectations for visualization solutions to meet the demands of this automation.

Designed for 24/7 Network Monitoring

To ensure quality of service, your control room needs to be able to monitor the performance of your telecommunications infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. With iSEMC's visualization and collaboration solutions, you can manage the different parameters of your networks and see all required sources, from disparate networks, on one centralized location.

Display Any Source On Any Screen

Control room typically display maps, social media feeds, and alphanumeric data. This requires a versatile control room solution, both for the operator position and for the overview display. With iSEMC's visualization solutions, you can display any type of video or data coming from disparate networks on any overview display or workspace screen.

Collaborate In And Out Of Your control room

iSEMC can help you to stay in control of your telecommunications infrastructure at any time. You can visualize your content with stunning accuracy from your centralized location, or share it with remote stakeholders. This way, you can collaborate to resolve performance issues much faster.

How do we work?

iSEMC offers consultative engagement from concept to completion or can step in at any stage of the process to work within your existing system design.

Through discovery and analysis we listen and question your operational process for both routine and emergency procedures. A program is developed to define the benchmarks used to create your system design.

System Integration:
Our team includes technicians with iSEMC certificate and experienced video wall professionals to ensure the highest level of quality, and we routinely coordinate with the entire design and construction team.

Service and Support:
Because any planned or unplanned downtime can have a serious impact on your operations, we provide a variety of Service Level Agreements to meet your needs, including 24/7 coverage, remote monitoring, advanced parts replacement, and onsite staffing.

Concept Design and Budget:
iSEMC analyzes all physical elements of design—display sizes, input sources, operators and physical work environment—to develop a high-quality visualization and integration that maximizes performance levels for mission-critical responsiveness within your budget.

So you can hit the ground running from Day One, iSEMC’s certified engineers and dedicated trainers offer extensive online or onsite training. In addition, iSEMC regularly benchmarks users and offers ongoing and advanced training.

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