Traffic Management Control Center Rooms

Traffic Management Control Center Rooms
Project Brief Introduction

Traffic Management Control Center Rooms have a crucial role to play in traffic management. They help to minimize congestion and keep the roads safe and contribute to transportation systems' efficiency. Traffic Control Room display solutions must be reliable, provide you with a 24/7 capability, and give you clear image quality for your data, maps, and video surveillance.
Traffic Management Centers Solutions
Efficient Monitoring01
With an ever-increasing reliance on roads, efficient traffic monitoring is essential to minimize congestion. Efficient monitoring is only possible through effective data gathering, visualization, and planning. The critical nature of traffic management control centers places much higher demand and reliance on your visualization systems. iSEMC can provide you with a range of traffic control room options that will help traffic management control centers resolve traffic situations faster.
Speedy Incident Management03
Good traffic management is no longer merely about monitoring traffic. Nowadays, traffic management control centers play a crucial role in resolving incidents and minimizing the impact of such. For reliable visualization or media management, you need a system that will provide complete situational awareness. It may not be just major motorways you need to monitor, but minor roads too. The sheer scale of information presents your operators with a significant challenge. iSEMC equipment helps you to gather, visualize, and distribute data from all sources, including road cameras, sensors, social media streams, and more.
Best Technologies02
Our video wall product range includes LED and LCD units, making iSEMC one of only a few manufacturers offering all the leading control room video display and visualization technologies. Therefore, we can fit all your needs and provide you with an ideal solution. Your traffic management control center needs to display various information such as MSPs, camera footage, sensor data, and social media streams and feeds. This level of data requires a flexible, versatile solution for your control room. iSEMC has a wide enough range to cater to your needs, regardless of their complexity.
Future-Proofed Technology04
The information coming into your traffic management control center is real-time and comes from various sources, including GPS systems, highway sensors, and other transportation systems. This information must be presented as well as possible. These platforms are network-centric, come with open interfaces, are compliant with industry standards, and come with embedded security. Its modular and flexible nature means you can scale the system as your requirements change. Installing third-party technology is straightforward, increasing the utility value of our systems. Your stakeholders can access real-time information presented as well as possible.
Ultra High Definition Display
Appropriate designs can be made according to the project's real needs; the display system, mainly composing DID screen, DLP splicing screen, LED display screen with little space, the system can support mulple 1080P HD input sources and max input resolution supports up to 3840x2160@60Hz. Single channel max output resolution supports up to 3840x2160@60Hz. it also supports high resolution background map, up to 65535x65535 pixels.
Ultra High Definition Display
Real-Time Video Monitoring
According to the different monitoring demand, location and corresponding deployment scenarios, the front camera can be connected to the monitoring platform through the network. When we meet large amount of data, 24 hour uninterrupted supervision will be managed by disk array storage and real-time monitoring. The control program of scheduling system for all types of data is the key to the dispatching work, video wall display system continuously work for 7x24 hours, to ensure the timeliness of the scheduling and control.
Real-time video monitoring
Preset Management
The research and development of contingency plans can be carried out via an integrated security management platform, to realize input and linkage settings of various contingency plans. A resource directory can be formed through the abstraction of pre-arranged data elements and information resources. The integrated security management platform can be automatically associated with the corresponding contingency plans in the event of different police information. This is more convenient to help the management to make decision.
Multiple System Centralized Control
iSEMC command center system solution adopts advanced design concepts and products with leading technologies, plus of intelligent centralized control system, conducts centralized control for various systems, including large screen display system (DLP large screen / LCD splitting /LED display screen etc), video processing system, voice dispatching system, command and control system, system of sound pickup and sound reinforcement, to achieve information mining, assistant decision making, communication and command, centralized control; thus, the operation is more simple and convenient.
Multiple System Centralized Control
Stable And Reliable
The system is stable and reliable because of adopting mature technologies, not infected with the virus; it has been successfully applied to a number of projects, with mature project experience.
Stable And Reliable
User Privilege Management
User management supports various users, such as super administrator, user administrator and operator. Different users can be assigned different permissions for managing subsystem and equipment control configuration, such as: image browsing, cloud mirror control, video and image playing, TV wall operation etc.. Support authentication modes including user name plus of password, or USB Key, or user name, password +USB Key.
User Privilege Management
Video Wall Splicing Control
Built-in video wall splicing function, supports arbitrary opening windows, zooming in & out, roaming, stretching, etc
Wireless Sharing
Wireless transmission can wirelessly transmit signals such as local computers, IPADs, and smart phones to the display terminal
Network Conference
Network conferences can share resources in multiple conference rooms through the network, and transmit signals to each other to achieve centralized management and distribution of audio and video
System Visualization
Compared with traditional command systems, the iSEMC command central system realize visualization, and all subsystems are presented in the way of pictures, data, video, software interface; thus, the system is more intuitive and image.
System Visualization
Compatible With Third-Party Devices
The system can be seamlessly connected with third party devices or software, to achieve the overall scheduling and control.
Compatible With Third-Party Devices
Multi-Level Scheduling
The system combines voice, video, data and business flow as a whole, via IP network; a whole set of system can be dispatched in ministerialm, provincial and municipal centers respectively by the multi-stage deployment mode. The multi-level real-time intercom of command center can be realized by dispatching equipment with IP mode access to the command center.
Multi-Level Scheduling
Decision-Making Support
Decision-making support collects information for HD display system: all kinds of information collected and arranged by the system, plus of analysis calculation results of various models are shown in the most simple and intuitive form according to the needs of the decision makers, to help decision makers quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze the pros and cons of various scheduling schemes, as well as help them better to make the right decisions.
Decision-Making Support

NP Pro Distributed Display

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device


Interactive Smart Board

NP Lite Distributed AV Over IP

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device

LED Video Wall

Ideal Solution for Control Room

VK-S Video Wall Controller

Professional Video Wall Controller

LCD Video Wall

Flexible installation system
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