Board Room

A roundtable conference room is ideal for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and strategy discussions that require efficient collaboration, equal communication, and quick decision-making.

  • TransmissionMultimedia Equipment
  • Smart ClientFacilitated Equal Communication
  • Smart Client copyHigh-Definition Cameras
  • Smart Client copy copyWhiteboards and Writing Boards

Board Rooms, weddings, banquet style meetings feature several large round tables with attendees seated on chairs around them. Particularly suitable for social events as participants may chat with others at their table. This also provides great convenience for communication.


Capacity: 20-40 People

Meeting Room Area: 70-120㎡

Application Scenarios: Leadership meetings, video conferences


4K60 high-definition video transmission All signals are transmitted over the network, and all video, audio, and control signals in each conference room can be transmitted to each other

Tracking Process

Camera tracking, automatically tracking the current speaker ,Powerful audio processing capabilities, supporting audio algorithms such as echo cancellation, feedback cancellation, and noise suppression

Convenient And

Hand-in-hand microphone, no need for cumbersome wiring Intelligent paperless system makes meetings more convenient and efficient

Smart Client

One client controls all conference rooms Control client supports Windows, ios, android systems

What We Have

High-quality, powerful central control and audio systems for conferences

Electronic Nameplate

Electronic ink nameplate, freely customizable display format, battery life up to 5 years. Realize environmentally friendly and energy-saving electronic conference mode.

High-Fidelity Sound Quality

Supports automatic mixing (AN), automatic gain control (AGC), acoustic echo suppression (AEC), noise cancellation (ANC) and other algorithms to provide a better sound quality experience

Powerful Central Control

A single central control has 8 COM interfaces, supporting RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 and other protocol control. It also has infrared, RELAY, IO and other interfaces.

Convenient Paperless System

Supports pre-meeting sign-in, voting, meeting materials distribution,
screen sharing, screen annotation, call conference service and other functions.
Bring a rich and convenient meeting experience.

Camera Tracking

The camera automatically tracks the current speaker,
bringing an intelligent video conferencing experience.

Conference Discussion System

Hand-pull microphone, no need for cumbersome wiring. Supports conference
voting and supports the chairman to mute the microphone with one click.

4K60 Ultra-High-Definition Signal Transmission
4K input, 4K output, and 4K screen bring full-link ultra-high-definition display. Single channel supports up to 8K output.
Excellent Color Reproduction Screen
Advanced color processing technology ensures that every pixel can accurately present the original color
Small Pitch LED Display
High brightness, ultra-wide viewing angle, small pitch LED display, bringing a good visual experience
Centralized Control
One client can manage and control the video, audio, and environment control of all conference rooms. No complicated operations are required, saving operation and maintenance costs. The control client supports Windows, iOS, and Android systems
One-Touch Control
One-touch control of device switch, one-touch call of conference room scene
All Over IP
All signals are transmitted over the network, and the video, audio, and control signals of each conference room can all be transmitted to each other.

Control System

Wall Control Panel

Conference Reservation System

Paperless Server

Paperless Conference Terminal

Paperless Projection Terminal

Electronic Name Tag

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