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The front desk is the face of a company, responsible for welcoming and guiding visitors, showcasing the company's image, and providing information consultation and various support services, including security management and office tasks.

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The first opportunity you have to make an impression with visitors is in your corporate lobby or reception area. Fitting a stunning video wall in these areas will create an intriguing space, enabling you to communicate your corporate message creatively, vividly, and stunningly. 


Capacity: 2-4 People

Meeting Room Area: 25-30㎡

Application Scenarios: Reception of customers, corporate promotional video display


4K60 HD display

Anti-Blue Light Screen

Anti-blue light technology provides customers with a more comfortable visual experience

Promotional Video Playback

The conference reservation system supports customized playback of videos, documents and other materials.

Meeting Room Location Guide

Display current meeting information of all meeting rooms through vertical floor-standing display screen
Unique Highlights

Unique Highlights

The current meeting information of all meeting rooms is displayed on the vertical floor-standing display screen, and the meeting room location map is supported to guide participants to quickly find the meeting room.

The conference reservation system has modules such as digital clock, weather forecast, RSS news exchange rate, etc., and can add videos, audios, pictures, FLASH, web pages, PPT, WORD, EXCEL, PDF, and live streaming media;

③ Program production supports visual editing, you can arbitrarily divide multiple display areas, perform arbitrarily drag-and-drop operations on videos, pictures and other materials, and set the playback priority of the program.

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Meeting Room Location Guide
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  Custom Play Material

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Flexible Program Production
Multiple video input sources and diversification display
Multiple Video Input Sources And Diversification Display
iSEMC video wall display system supports any combination of display mode, multiple windows overlaying, multiple signals displaying simultaneously. And moreover, the system can set up multiple display modes, and supports the relevant display mode of one-key switch. Support input of multiple signals, such as video signals and computer signals. Various signal sources, such as video monitoring information, camera, video recorder, VCD, projector for actually stands and computer signal, can access the multiple screen image processing system. Signals can be freely moved, zoom in/out, across the screen or overlapped in the form of windows after being processed.
Interactive Display
The 3D multimedia interactive display solution adopts advanced multimedia interactive display system, and break through the traditional static display form, to achieve true three-dimensional, dynamic, real-time interactive display performance. Realize comprehensive control functions to the played contents, equipment and environment through many kinds of terminals including PAD, mobile phone, PC etc., with the help of signal acquisition and intelligent sensing control equipment.
Interactive Display
Interactive Display
Intelligent Control
The system can be designed according to the actual project, as well as control the lighting, curtains and air conditioning. A variety of working modes can be set, to adjust light brightness, control the lifting of curtains and working mode of the air conditioning. The intelligent sensing can be used to control devices for lighting, curtains and air conditioner; switch on/off multiple devices can be realized by one key (no need to control individual devices one by one). Automatic control corresponding equipment can be carried out according to the time segment, without the needs of professional lighting engineers on duty, to save human resources. The corresponding working modes can be switched by a key at any time according to changes of personnel and projects.
Creative Splicing
The video wall system takes the video wall display unit (LCD splicing unit, LED display unit, DLP projector) as a unit. Creative splicing can be made according to the number of display units in actual projects; the system doesn’t be limited under any condition in number and splicing style.
Industrial Grade Equipment
iSEMC video wall display system is an industrial grade device; it supports arbitrary power off and power on without any setting; thus its operation is convenient, direct and professional, not affected by the network or network viruses. The MTBF is greater than 50000 hours. The system adopts the embedded system and industrial-level products, to ensure that the project is stable and reliable.
Pure Digital Technology
iSEMC video wall display system adopts pure digital technologies to solve various problems of analog display and transmission and integrated wiring. various signals can be transmitted via only few transmission cables; Moreover. iSEMC video wall display system supports remote transmission, and digital transmission is more stable and reliable than analog transmission.
Creative And Free Combination
User management supports various users, such as super administrator, user administrator and operator. Different users can be assigned different permissions for managing subsystem and equipment control configuration, such as: image browsing, cloud mirror control, video and image playing, TV wall operation etc..
High Compatibility

The meeting reservation system supports customized playback of videos, pictures, documents and other materials. And supports scheduled playback and patrol playback.

Promotional Video Play
iSEMC video wall display system is compatible with peripherals or other peripheral platform of the video wall system; seamless connection for control, transmission and display can be realized
High Practicability
Possess a variety of management methods according to the characteristics of practical applications. Graphical management interface and the system design meets the actual engineering needs. The system configuration emphasizes advantage and practicability, as well as the economic effects of the system configurations, to achieve the comprehensive balance.

Video System

Android Play Box

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