Sport Video Wall Solutions Brief Introduction

Sporting events are at the vanguard of the largest and most exciting visual technology integrations. They are using this technology to generate an exhilarating atmosphere that electrifies the crowd and drives excitement. Using the best display technology, such as LED, is quickly becoming the accepted standard for sports fans as they get used to its spectacular imagery, immersive content, and live-action. Harness the power of eye-catching visual solutions using LED technology. Engage with your audience, develop new opportunities, and generate revenue by providing high-quality and high-value sponsorship. Stunning visualization solutions are transforming the way people view and engage with sporting events, revolutionizing modern sports events and venues.
Dynamic LED Scoreboards
The scoreboard is a focal point of any sporting event. It is crucial for informing and entertaining your audience. iSEMC provides a range of dynamic LED scoreboards, including center-hung installations and end-boards. Our solutions allow you to communicate real-time data, vivid replays, game statistics, live-action, and other visuals your fans have come to expect. Our scoreboards incorporate the latest LED technology in their design, providing incredible brightness and razor-sharp visuals. They offer the ideal platform for your sporting action, sponsorships, and promotions. These LED scoreboard displays are versatile and multi-functional, maximizing your opportunities for corporate partner integration, brand exposure, and fan engagement.
Concourse Digital Signage & Digital Displays
Stadium concourses are an ideal location for you to provide way-finding information to fans, particularly those attending your venue for the first time. Our commercial-grade digital displays also enable you to broadcast the event in concession or refreshment areas, ensuring your fans don't miss one moment of action and leading to increased revenue from these areas. We have a wide range of LED and LCD visual displays to meet all your venue's needs.
Outdoor Digital Billboard
You can extend your fans' experience by engaging with them before they enter the arena or venue. You can deploy outdoor digital billboards allowing you to greet, inform, excite, and engage fans as they transit from transport to the point they take their position in the venue. Our outdoor display solutions are made from durable construction, are ultra-bright, provide wide-angled views, and come in a range of pixel options depending on your viewing distance.
Fascias and Banners
LED facias, banners, and ribbon boards allow you to engage with fans and generate additional revenue opportunities through advertisements and sponsorship. iSEMC provides leading-edge LED applications which feature top-quality imagery, wide-angle viewing, ultra-high brightness, and incredible durability.
Restaurants & Hotels video wall solutions
Restaurants & Hotels
Enhance the appeal and interest of dining areas, lounges, and other entertainment spaces with a video wall as a canvas for stunning digital art. Video walls offer you a flexible medium, and you can quickly change formats depending on the information you want to communicate; inform, entertain, or educate.
Home Entertainment
Home entertainment is seeing a massive surge, particularly with restrictions due to the pandemic. Media rooms are multi-purpose and have the versatility to fit various uses, including movie nights, sports viewing, entertaining guests, gaming, and so on. Flexible video walls are an excellent solution for these areas, and they provide an exceptional viewing experience from all angles.
Home Entertainment video wall solutions
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