LED Indoor Soft Display

Model: TW-21 SP Series

The SP series is the latest ultra-thin flexible LED display, in which the LED display unit, and the display. The signal processing unit, power supply unit, and circuit board connected to the display unit are all flexible. It has beautiful convex lines and a variety of unique shapes. It can give people a dynamic aesthetic feeling under the color change, and break the Limitations of traditional display installations. The SP series screen has very strong flexibility, can be bent and folded at a large angle, and can meet scenes with curved surfaces and special shapes. It is widely used in banks, securities markets, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, construction markets, etc. The flexible screen display is bright in color and has a strong three-dimensional effect. It can improve the decoration level or create a special atmosphere.

LED Display SP Series

featuresFlexible Module LED Display

LED Display SP Series

 Ultra-light & Ultra-thin

• Silicone soft bottom shell design
• The flexible screen splicing technology uses semiconductors and electric drive luminescence, and the thickness is only about 3 mm

Flexible Display & Creative

• The Bending arc is greater than 120° Flexible application, suitable for customized scenarios.

Excellent Maintenance

• The module adopts the magnetic suction front maintenance design, and the company’s special front maintenance tools are standard for easy maintenance;
• Strong magnetic adsorption, simple and fast, not limited by orientation, saving 90% installation cost compared with conventional display screens.

High Contrast

• The module adopts full-color black-faced LED lamp beads and is equipped with a soft mask, which greatly
improves the contrast of the entire screen and solves the phenomenon of modularization without a mask;

High Gray Effect

• The LED display module adopts a 16-bit driver IC with high gray-scale two-wire transmission, which significantly improves the image quality and the texture of the dark part is clear;

LED Display SP Series
LED Display SP Series

Streamline Operation Efficiency

Optional magnetic tools make it easy to maintain the front-end module, thereby improving maintenance efficiency.

This streamlined approach is ideal for quick repairs in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, transport hubs and public spaces,

ensuring minimal downtime and continued performance.


Retail Store
Retail Store


•Ultra-light and ultra-thin
•High resolution, no image trail
•Can be customized to upgrade
•140° super large viewing angle
•Quick and flexible installation
•High contrast design
•Low brightness & high gray effect
•Silicone soft bottom shell design
•Excellent maintenance performance
•Excellent heat dissipation performance
•Technical design mask, clear play effect
•Anti-stepping, anti-collision, anti-pressure
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