Gigabit Switch

GS Series

The FS column series is the fastest way to get a professional, compact PA system. Considering the column speakers and a high-power subwoofer built-in amplifier, users can expect a system of full-range sound. The most convenient thing is that the FS sound column has a wireless Bluetooth input. The FS column series has two different models to choose from, FS-04 and FS-08. FS-04 is equipped with a long-stroke 12" subwoofer 4×3" wideband driver. Extend to a lower frequency response and a higher output of 700W peak, which is perfect for corporate speeches and singer-songwriters of this type of performance.



  • Support the immediate-leave feature of configuration

  • Support interface for data non-associated settings

  • Supports docking with Wifi routers and ordinary network switches.

  • Support adding/deleting static multicast addresses.

  • Supports complete data input and output of two ports.