Laboratory Information

A laboratory is a space where students can observe, practice, and experiment with objects and materials individually or in groups. This kind of learning is not limited to physical laboratory space, but can also occur in various forms of space such as electronic learning management systems, computer simulation virtual laboratories, etc. middle.
Class Recording System

Mobile Recording And Display All-In-One Machine

Mobile cart design, 360-degree omnidirectional adjustable operating arm, combined with camera, recording display screen, and POE switch to achieve high degree of freedom in recording and display.

Resource Management

Supports playing local teaching resources, uploading classroom content to the teaching platform, and downloading resources

Portable Experimental Terminal

Portable experimental terminal, two cameras with ultra-high-definition multi-angle recording to restore operation details

Applicable To Multiple Scenarios

Used in experimental courses such as medicine, chemistry, physics, electronics, etc.

Smart Blackboard

Electronic Class Sign

Portable Experiment Recording System

Portable Experiment Terminal

Mobile Experiment Recording All-In-One Machine