Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall Information

A lecture theater (or lecture theater) is a large room used for teaching, usually in a college or university. Unlike traditional classrooms, which typically hold one to fifty people, lecture theaters typically have a capacity of several hundred people. Lecture theaters almost always have sloping floors so that seats in the back are higher than those in the front (i.e. tiered seating), allowing them to see the lecturer. The importance of the lecture hall is so great and it also provides great convenience for communication
Class Recording System

Project Features

A lecture theater (or lecture theater) is a large room used for teaching, usually in a college or university.

4K60 UHD Signal Transmission

4K input, 4K output, 4K screen, bringing full-link UHD display. Single channel supports up to 8K output.

Intelligent Electronic Blackboard

Keep the traditional writing habits, the written notes are automatically synchronized to the IFP display, visual balance, students can watch without obstruction

Multifunctional Podium

Supports placement of equipment and class items, comes with an adjustable angle computer, interactive touch, teachers can easily display courseware, videos and other educational resources

Sensorless Sound Pickup And Amplification

The ceiling array microphone has 12 beams that can cover the entire space, so the sound of teachers and students can be picked up normally regardless of whether they are sitting, standing or walking.

Multi-Classroom Interaction

Different recording classrooms can interact with each other, and are compatible with HUAWEI, POLYCOME and other video conferences

Digital Mixing Console

17 independent fader controls, multi-terminal equalization algorithms, and multiple effects. Whether it is a performance or a meeting, it can be easily mastered.

Recording Upload

Classroom recordings are automatically uploaded to the platform for later viewing

Smart Electronic Class Sign

Supports timetable display, attendance statistics, face sign-in and other functions to facilitate teaching management

High-Precision Touch

High-precision infrared touch brings a smooth writing experience

Smart Blackboard Eraser

Smart induction blackboard eraser, erases both physical handwriting and electronic handwriting on IFP simultaneously

Document Scanning

Folding document scanning camera can automatically identify books or student assignments and convert them into electronic files for annotation and explanation on IFP

4K Smart Camera

Precise 4K automatic tracking camera, automatically switching between panoramic view and close-up of teacher and students, no post-editing required

Environmental Control

Optional central control and control tablet for one-touch control of classroom lighting, curtains, power supply, audio, etc.

Anti-Blue Light Screen

Anti-blue light technology can reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes and provide customers with a more comfortable visual experience

Save And Share Blackboard Notes

Blackboard content can be saved and shared

High-Fidelity Sound Quality

Adopting original digital processing and transmission technology, it supports adjustable volume of all input and output audio, and supports algorithms such as automatic mixing (AN), automatic gain (AGC), acoustic echo suppression (AEC), and noise cancellation (ANC), providing a better sound quality experience.

Smart Blackboard

4K Tracking Camera

Electronic Class Sign

Multi-Function Podium

(Optional) Control Tablet