Seminar Room

Seminar Room Information

The seminar-type smart classroom is based on the teaching-type smart classroom, which adds independent group discussion content and can share the teacher’s main content resources. During the centralized teaching, the teaching content can be clearly seen, creating a good atmosphere of mutual encouragement and active exploration; interactive teaching can be carried out flexibly, and every student can become the protagonist in the classroom.
Class Recording System

Multifunctional Podium

Supports placement of equipment and class items, comes with an adjustable angle computer, interactive touch, teachers can conveniently display courseware, videos and other educational resources

Document Scanning

The foldable document scanning camera can automatically identify books or student assignments and convert them into electronic files for annotation and explanation on the IFP.

High-Quality Sound Reinforcement

Classroom-specific audio equipment, simple and easy to use, can accurately amplify the sound no matter where the teacher is in the classroom highly professional

Excellent Functional Structure

It is multifunctional and convenient, and can quickly solve the pain points of seminar classrooms.

One Click Broadcast

When the teacher demonstrates and explains, the courseware can be broadcast to all group screens through the screen broadcast button, so that students in every corner of the classroom can clearly see the courseware content.

Group Casting

When the teacher conducts group discussion and learning, the mobile terminals carried by the students can be freely displayed on the teacher or the groups large screen through wireless projection, enabling comparative presentation of group discussion topics and fully mobilizing studentsenthusiasm for discussion


Group Demonstration

When a groups research results require group demonstration and explanation, the teacher can click on the control panel to broadcast the groups screen content to all screens, while the student close-up camera records the groups close-up screen.

Project Features

Give students a comfortable experience and create a full range of automated teaching space.

4K60 UHD Signal Transmission

4K input, 4K output, 4K screen, bringing full-link UHD display. Single channel supports up to 8K output.

High-Precision Touch

High-precision infrared touch, bringing a smooth writing experience

Environmental Control

Optional central control and control tablet, one-touch control of classroom lighting, curtains, power supply, audio, etc.

Anti-Blue Light Screen

Anti-blue light technology can reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes and provide customers with a more comfortable visual experience

Blackboard Saving And Sharing

Blackboard content can be saved and shared

Smart Electronic Class Card

Supports functions such as class schedule display, attendance statistics, face sign-in, etc., which facilitates teaching management

Group Discussion System

Multi-Function Podium

Electronic Class Sign

Desktop Integrated Tablet

Document Scanning Camera (For Use with Podium)

Classroom-Specific Integrated Audio Processor

Network Camera(Optional)