Studio Information

A studio is a space dedicated to creating, designing, producing, or performing specific tasks. It can be a workplace for professionals such as artists, designers, engineers, artists, photographers, etc. Studios often have different characteristics depending on their purpose and the equipment the venue requires
Class Recording System

Core Features

We have powerful core functions to ensure the normal performance of the show

One-Click Switching

Teachers can switch the screen or courseware with one click through the remote control, which is simple and easy to use.

Support Handwritten Annotations

Support handwritten annotations on courseware to meet teaching habits

Professional Director Software

Professional and easy-to-use director software, supporting director, character cutout, sound control, page turning, streaming and other functions.

Connect To multiple Live Streaming Platforms

Can connect to multiple live streaming platforms and stream on multiple platforms simultaneously

Integrated Dual-Screen Design

One screen displays the live broadcast or teachers screen,and the other screen displays the courseware, making it easy to record and live broadcast.

Flexible Switching Of Multiple Cameras

Supports switching of panoramic or close-up images, can adjust the position and size of the teacher at any time, and can play pictures or videos as background synchronously

Ultra-High-Definition Image Quality Presentation

Using high-definition professional cameras, high-fidelity restoration of real image quality, 1:1 real ratio greatly improves the teachers on-camera experience

Dual-Screen Host

Handwriting Tablet

Green Screen

HD Camera

Voice Pickup Microphone