Teacher's Office

Teacher's Office Information

Set up a small meeting area in the office with an electronic whiteboard to facilitate discussions, display class information, and conduct face-to-face meetings with other teachers.
Class Recording System

Classroom Inspection

You can inspect all classrooms through the teaching platform, view all classroom images, and query classroom violations. You can inspect a classroom individually and display teacher images, student images, and PPT images.

IPC Camera Access

Supports classroom or public area network camera access platform, through which you can understand campus conditions in real time

Classroom Grading

Can evaluate the class, support text evaluation or score evaluation, and automatically count the results


Supports NFC screen lock and unlock, supports using NFC to log in to designated software

Project Features

Realize data integration and business innovation based on teaching, learning, scientific research and management.

4K60 Ultra-High-Definition Display

4K screen display brings fine and stable image enjoyment, creating a perfect visual experience.

High-Precision Touch

High-precision infrared + capacitive touch, bringing a smooth writing experience

Anti-Blue Light Screen

Anti-blue light technology can reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes and provide customers with a more comfortable visual experience