LED COB Indoor Display
Model:TW31-COB P0.7H/P0.9H/P1.2H/P1.5H

COB LED display, support advanced HDR technology for vivid, high-contrast visuals. This durable and reliable screen excels in diverse settings, including digital signage, broadcasting studios, control rooms, corporate lobbies, and educational facilities. It provides an exceptional viewing experience with enhanced brightness and color accuracy, making it ideal for environments where superior image quality is crucial. Embrace a display that offers both longevity and unparalleled clarity in a wide range of professional applications.

COB LED Video Wall

featuresHigh Quality Indoor LED Screen COB Series

Unique Production Technology

Great Technology Push

Micro LED technology embeds micron-sized LEDs into modules, forming a tile-like structure that is assembled into a unified canvas to provide a visual experience similar to premium QLED TVs.

Super Contrast

Experience vivid content with intense contrast as individually controlled pixels deliver the deepest blacks and brightest whites imaginable. Eye-catching visuals enhance the overall experience.

Easier To Achieve Micro-Pitch

The Full Flip Chip process reduces the area occupied by the pixel points by up to 40% compared with the front-mounted process, so that more pixels can be accommodated under the same size, thereby achieving a smaller pixel pitch.

HDR Support

HDR1000 Support:Larger chips combined with updated control systems simplify HDR1000 (1000nits+) support, enhancing visual quality with striking contrast and vivid colors, ideal for immersive viewing experiences.

High Brightness
High Brightness

Higher Reliability And Durability

The Full Flip Chip Process not only reduces the number of solder pins by flipping the LED chip directly onto the substrate, but also reduces the electrical and thermal connection problems caused by the pins. This structure improves the mechanical and thermal stability of the entire assembly, thereby enhancing the reliability and durability of the LED display.

Improve Light Efficiency And Brightness

The Full Flip Chip process makes the light output surface of the LED chip unobstructed by traditional solder joints, and the effective viewing angle is increased from 140° of the front-mounted structure to 170° of the flip-chip structure. This improvement directly enhances the overall brightness and color consistency of the display.

High Brightness
High Brightness

Improve Thermal Management Capabilities

Due to the flip-chip structure of the LED chip, the light-emitting chip used in the same pixel area can be about 40% larger than the front-mounted structure, so that the heat is about 30% lower than the screen with the front-mounted structure when the same brightness is met.

LightEye Protection Design

Healthy Soft Light

COB is filled with polymer materials, which reduces the separation of pixels, reduces the flashness of the picture, and the overall screen glows softly without glare, reducing the glare and tingling caused by long-term viewing.

Surface Light Source

The luminous outlet of SMD products is small, and the grainy feeling is strong when viewed at close range. COB is an integrated package with high luminous flux density, and what is emitted is a uniformly distributed light surface., effectively relieves graininess.

Healthy Soft Light
Surface Light Source


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• Super Contrast Experience:vivid content and intense contrast
• Micro LED technology embeds micron-sized LED into modules to form a tile-like structure
•HDR1000 support: larger chip combined with newer control system
• Display brightness of up to 1000 nits, this exceptional brightness ensures clear, vivid images even in bright conditions
• Improve thermal management capabilities. The LED chip adopts a flip-chip structure, thereby reducing heat generation by about 30%. The screening rate of the structure is low.
• Improved light efficiency and brightness: Full flip-chip process, this improvement directly enhances the overall brightness and color consistency of the display.
• Higher reliability and durability: full flip-chip process
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