Intelligent Floor-Standing Advertising Machine

Model:DS-P Series

A multimedia professional audio-visual system that releases commercial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display equipment. This system product can play advertising information to specific groups of people in specific physical places and specific time periods. It supports the release and docking of multiple information systems. It has industrial-grade design, safety and stability, and simple maintenance; perfect integration/fashion/simple/energy saving. easy to install.
LED Display TR Series

featuresDS-P Advantages

Infrared Touch/Capacitive Touch

You to manipulate images,zoom in an out as well as perform many other touch gestures; muchlike you would with a tablet.
It also allows for multipleusers interacting with the screen at one time.


  • HD Display

  • Smart split screen

  • Smart witch remote publishing

  • LED LCD screen

  • Supports 7×24 hour playback

  • Dolby sound effects

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