Interactive Flat Panel

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Interactive flat panel displays combine the power of high resolution displays with the versatility of touch interaction, with advanced connectivity options, including wireless screen sharing.

Commercial Version

Suitable for multi-scenes in conference rooms,Make online collaboration more efficient.

Educational Version

Collaborate seamlessly, whether for a presentation or an interactive classroom session.
Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Smart Conference/Education

Commercial Interactive Flat Panel
Note: Txx means the size of screen

TxxOmni-S/S-N/C/C-N (Commercial) Series

Provides a platform for visualization, interaction, information sharing, and online collaboration for PPT presentations and document sharing. Wireless screen sharing for conference room scenarios.
Educational series Interactive Flat Panel
Note: Txx means the size of screen

TxxOmni-S/S-N/C/C-N (Educational) Series

Teachers can achieve seamless collaboration by easily sharing and displaying content from different sources, whether it is for presentations or Conduct classroom interactive sessions.

Android 11.0 OS


4K AI Camera


NFC Access Control


Remote Management

Extended Screen HDMI

Soulmates for Interactive Flat Panel

OPS Module

OPS Module

Open pluggable modules designed for interactive panels.
Wireless Screen Sharing

Wireless Screen Sharing

Share your computer's screen instantly with one click.
Smart Pen

Smart Pen

Compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows.
Mobile Stand

Mobile Stand

Flexible mobile Interactive Flat Panel, meeting rooms anywhere.

Excellent Hardware Performance

iSEMC interactive flat panel adopts the Android 11 version, up to 8G RAM+128GROM is supported, ensuring that the system can run smoothly in multiple applications and provide a better user experience.

4GB DDR4 /32G
(8G/128G Optional)


13 Million to 48 Million


Multiple Size For Optional: 65",75",86",98",110"

Which is widely applied in different applications.Through the optional OPS computer or HDMI external computer, running Windows system, one-click switching.

Plug & Play USB-C

Our interactive touch panel offers a streamlined solution with just one cable. It supports two-way touch control, LAN sharing, 65W fast charging, audio, and 4K@60fps video transmission for the interactive display. It's compatible with various mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring a hassle-free presentation start.  

Wireless Screen Sharing

Using wireless projection technology, users can share content between different devices, and can display the content on the computer on the IFP large screen in real time, which can improve teaching efficiency.

Remote Conference, Be Personally On The Scene

48 Million HD Camera

48MP camera, high-definition camera can make the conference online and realize remote conference

8 Mic Arrays

Integrating 8 microphone arrays, support echo cancellation, background noise suppression, gain compensation supports the ideal voice pickup range of up to 8 meters.
Remote Conference
Remote Conference

Super Thin Wall Mounting

Flatness back cover with slim body, the thickness less than 10cm. Extremly light weight modules design to make a much more convenient installation work. The purposes of Isemc LED TV is to offer a easy operation and facility.

Ultra HD Display

2k, 4k ultra-high-definition display effect, the picture is fine and lossless, built-in video processing function, the picture can be spliced and switched at will.Adjustable brightness and color temperature, 100% image restoration that to bring you a HD visual experience.

Remote Conference

Application Industry Case

Medical consultation

Industrial design

Video conference

Education and training