LED Transparent Display

Model:TW11-TRI&TRO Series

Transparent LED screen is an advanced display technology that uses light-emitting diodes (Lamps) to produce an image on a semitransparent surface. The Lamps are arranged in a grid pattern that can be controlled digitally, allowing for interactive visuals and dynamic content. In simpler words, transparent LED is an upgraded version of standard LED display panels. The transparency of these displays allows them to blend into their surroundings while providing captivating visuals without blocking out natural light or views of the outside world. It makes them ideal for retail stores, office spaces, museums, airports, and other spaces where visibility is essential.

LED Transparent Display

featuresTransparent LED Display Advantages

High Transparency

Modular Design

High Transparency

• Using the side-emitting display technology, the transparency can reach 90%.
• Doest not effect lighting and sight.
• Still clearly visible under strong light.

Easy Installation

The structure of the screen is relatively simple, the modular design makes the overall installation convenient, and the modules can be easily replaced.

Ultra Light

The LED grid offers an ultra-light design. It reduces the need for bulky support structures. Flexible installation protects the building's appearance without compromising visual performance.

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection:

No air conditioning is required for heat dissipation, the module grid can be ventilated, the wind resistance is small, and it is safer.

Intelligent Control

3G/4G and WiFi networking, mobile phone can be controlled;

Product Protection

Between the LED PCB and the light board module, it is encapsulated with glue, which can effectively protect the lamp beads from falling due to accidental impact.

High Transparency


Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Luxury Store
Luxury Store


• Intelligent control
• Product protection
• Ultra-thin cabinet
• Can be erected, hoisted
• High screen transparency
• The product box is light
• Easy-maintenance design
• Energy saving and environmental protection
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