LED Indoor Rental Display

Our LED Rental displays are designed for flexibility and ease of use, featuring lightweight, modular panels for quick assembly and disassembly. Ideal for events and exhibitions, they deliver stunning visual clarity and vibrant colors, enhancing audience engagement and providing a memorable viewing experience in any temporary setup.

LED Indoor Rental Display

TW31-IR Series & TW21-IR Series

TW31-IR Series LED

TW31-IR Series

- High contrast corrugated light
- Absorption mask achieves high contrast
- Cabinet weight: 2.9kg/4.5kg/5.8kg
- Hot-swappable and wireless connection
- full frontal access Maintenance is easier
- Modules and cabinet are adsorbed by multiple magnetic columns, which is firm
- The Cabinet is lighter and thinner, reducing transportation costs and installation labor costs.

TW21-IR Series LED Video Wall

TW21-IR Series

- The TW21-IR series adopts a modular lightweight structure, which is easy to install and disassemble.
- The cabinet is equipped with a quick lock device to facilitate the loading and unloading of the cabinet.
- The TW21-IR series rental LED display is lightweight and portable, easy to transport and install.
- The TW21-IR series adopts seamless connection and is easy to splice.
- The cabinet is equipped with an angle adjustment lock to adjust the cabinet angle(optional).