LED High Brightness Outdoor Display

Model: TW31-HOD Series

TW31-HOD Series displays are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide bright, high-contrast images that are visible from a distance. They typically consist of a matrix of LED pixels that can be individually controlled to produce a wide range of colors and animations. The resolution of outdoor LED displays can vary from low-resolution screens that display simple text and graphics to high-resolution screens that can display HD or even 4K video.HOD Series displays can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user, including size, shape, and pixel density. They can also be controlled remotely using specialized software, allowing for real-time updates and content scheduling.

LED High Brightness Outdoor Display

featuresFor Outdoor Advertising

Extreme Color Performance

Extreme Color Performance

High Brightness

HOD outdoor LED displays up to 6000 cd/m2 brightness allows for placement in any lighting conditionis easily visible in daylight and under bright sunlight. Look for displays with a high brightness rating to ensure good visibility.

Wide Viewing Angle

A wide viewing angle of 160° horizontal and 140° in vertical which reaches more viewers. The picture quality remains seamless in all direction and at a distance, presenting all viewers the same highly quality outputs. This makes it suitable for large gathering and outdoor advertisement.

Weather Resistance

High IP Rating -IP65. The special waterproof design of LED Screen protects it from water and dust. Special guard protects it from environment dangers.  IP65 ensures great quality outputs in every condition.

Better Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of HOD outdoor LED display are generally better,against a bright background

24 hours * 7days

24 Hours * 7days

Using the industry-leading 12-bit three-dimensional highfrequency pulse circuit, it can obtain 4096 gray levels, which is 4 times that of ordinary projectors. A smoother and more delicate image effect can be obtained, and the unique step transition phenomenon of digital images can be completely eliminated.

Flexible Size

Flexible Size

Can meet the size requirements of different sites

Excellent Display Effect

Excellent Display Effect

Broadcast color gamut, color temperature intelligent adjustable, moderate brightness, long time viewing without fatigue, ultra-high refresh display, fast frame change speed, eliminate ghost without trailing, low light high ash non-destructive technology.

Ultra Slim And Lightweight Design

Ultra Slim And Lightweight Design

Its ultra-slim, lightweight design simplifies installation and maintenance, enabling one-person operation. Front and rear access enhances ease of use across various applications.

Front And Rear Maintenance Design

Maintenance Design In Front Of Power Box

Maintenance design in front of power box

Module Front Maintenance Design

Module front maintenance design

Smart Brightness For Always Stunning Images

Our screen's brightness automatically adjusts to outdoor conditions and sunlight, ensuring optimal display quality while reducing power consumption. Ideal for energy-efficient, clear visuals in outdoor advertising, public information displays, and entertainment venues.


•All-aluminum bottom shell, high ignition point, high fire protection leve

• Specially designed waterproof rubber ring, multi-layer waterproof protection, protection level up to IP65

• Made of all-aluminum material, ultra-high-grained heat dissipation rib design, high heat dissipation efficiency;

• Divided voltage power supply design, low heat and long service life

•Hard connection design, high stability.

•Innovative circuit design, high brightness efficiency

•Light and thin design

•Innovatively designed mask with a brim height of 2.5mm to improve contrast;

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