LED Outdoor Rental Display


Our LED Rental displays are designed for flexibility and ease of use, featuring lightweight, modular panels for quick assembly and disassembly. Ideal for events and exhibitions, they deliver stunning visual clarity and vibrant colors, enhancing audience engagement and providing a memorable viewing experience in any temporary setup.

TW21-OR LED Outdoor

featuresQuickly Use in Your Visualization Projects

Extreme Color Performance

Extreme Color Performance

Clear & Real Picture Quality

• Wider color space
• Higher color depth
• Wider brightness range
• More vivid exquisite color

Integrated Modularized Design

Enlarged welding plate enhanced the pushing force especially for LED rental. No copper skin dropped when bumping, no jump wire needed to repair Circuit boards are designed as EMC standards.

Anti-Collsion Design

Automatic telescopic corner protection plates can slide smoothly without manual switch

Easy For Installation

RD Series are required to be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly, and the staff can quickly complete the work, reducing the labor cost of customers;

Easy for installation

Wide Viewing Angle

± 160°view angle brings a truly amazing image with highly color consistency from any angles.

45° bevel edge splicing

45° Bevel Edge Splicing

LED modules are interchangeable for common use no matter left/right/up/down, 45° Bevel edge splicing make the flatness, reliability.

Curvature setting, Easy And Precise

Curvature Setting, Easy And Precise

keeps the curve range of ±15° and presents creative shapes.

Combined Dimensions Of Two Different Cabinets

Combined Dimensions Of Two Different Cabinets

The TW21-OR series is available in two cabinet heights (500mm and 1000mm), enabling multiple combinations and quick installation via connecting plates, ensuring an efficient setup and customized visual experience for every application.

Calming Appearance

Calming Appearance

TW21-OR screen feature a calming appearance and are user-friendly, with a modular, lightweight structure for effortless transportation and installation. Quick Locks and an Angle Adjustment Lock allow for secure assembly and flexible angle adjustments, enabling curved display configurations tailored to any event's specific needs, enhancing visual engagement and setup efficiency.

Edge Protection  Design(Option)

Edge Protection Design(Option)

Protective corners on our LED display enclosures safeguard the edges and corners against collisions and damage during installation or transportation. This critical feature not only extends the lifespan of the display but also ensures its reliability and performance, providing peace of mind in various settings from event staging to permanent installations.

High Quality Die-Casting Aluminum

High Quality Die-Casting Aluminum

TW21-OR screen used high-quality die-cast aluminum cabinets that are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. These cabinets enhance heat dissipation and provide superior protection against moisture and dust, ensuring prolonged lifespan and consistent performance. Ideal for venues that demand reliability and ease of maintenance, they offer a seamless visual experience in any environment.

TW21-OR-SeriesAll-Weather Durability

Our IP65 waterproof LED modules offer exceptional protection against extreme weather, ensuring stable performance and longevity.

The fanless power supply with waterproof seals further guarantees durability and reliable operation.


Concerts And Live Events
And Live Events
Broadcast Room
Broadcast Room
Sporting Events
Sporting Events


• Easy for installation
• Anti-collision design
• Module handle
• Wider brightness range
• More vivid exquisite color
• Quick lock
• Wider color space & Higher color depth
• Connection lock with angle adjustment
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