iSEMC Matrix Switcher

High-definition matrix switcher is a high-definition smart matrix switch device specially designed for the display switching of HDMI video signals.
It is used to connect any of the HDMI video output channels.This series of products are widely used in LCD splicing screen display projects, Audio-visual teaching, command and control center, multimedia conference room, etc.

MT Series Matrix Switcher

MT Series

MT Series is a high-performance professional audio and video signal switching equipment, compatible with different signal types input/output signal cards, used for cross-switching of multiple signal input and output, and provides independent audio and video signal input and output terminals. This series of products are mainly used in radio and television projects, multimedia conference halls, large-screen display projects, television teaching, command and control centers and other occasions.
AM Series

AM Series

AM Series is an audio matrix for switching and distributing stereo audio signals. The output has any channel distribution function. It can choose one output for multiple audio input signals, or choose one audio input signal for one output or multiple simultaneous outputs.