Media integrated control server

Media Server

T-HEAD Videocon media server is mainly used for splicing and synchronous broadcast control of LED screens and complex special-shaped screens

With innovative technologies such as virtual screen management, scene pre-editing, and pre-planned split-screen broadcast control, various stage performances and conference activities can be easily realized.

VP Processor
VP Series

Output Splitting And Reassembly

The media server can cut and reorganize the output ports arbitrarily, so that the screen shape driven by each output port is not limited by the rectangular output of the output port, and it also makes the connection of complex-shaped displays simple.

Visual simulation can be performed according to the actual size and installation position of the installation screen, combined with the output splitting and reorganization function, making the design of the entire broadcast plan very simple.

fas fa-eye

Visual Control

Real-time display of media materials, screen images and scene plans of the multimedia server, as well as signal input, echo images and scene modes of the splicer. It supports drag and drop replacement of screen images.

fab fa-youtube-square

Projection Fusion And Correction

Provides linear correction, comprehensive correction, perspective correction and other modes to quickly eliminate fusion zones and conveniently adjust domes, U-curtains, and special shapes.

fas fa-file-audio

Plan Editing And Broadcasting

Program editing and broadcasting are simple and easy to use. Different plans are bound to different picture combination modes, and scenes can be switched with one click for easy broadcast control.

8K Hard Decoding - Super Smooth

Supports ffmpeg software decoding and DXVA hardware decoding, effectively reducing CPU usage. Using graphics card hardware decoding, it can realize point-to-point display of 8K images and smooth playback control of 8K materials; it supports point-to-point smooth playback of 16K ultra-long subtitles, and supports content discounts and end-to-end splicing functions.


VP Series Video Wall Controller Diagram