Professional 4k multiviewer

Hdmi Multiviewer

iSEMC hdmi multiviewer is flexible and high-performance concentrating multiple video signal channels to the display, and supports KVM function.

When the mouse moves to the corresponding window, you can control the corresponding input PC.

Used in various types:

Meeting room

hdmi multiviewer

Support simultaneous audio and video management

A separate monitor is used to view and control multiple input signals, and it supports simultaneous audio + video playback to achieve centralized management. And you can select the control window through shortcut keys and mouse sliding.

Composed Of These

Unlimited Chooses for Your Projects
TK-FHD Series(4IN 1OUT Multiviewer with KVM)
TK-UHD Series(4IN 1OUT 4K Multiviewer with KVM)
TM Series(4IN 1OUT 4K Multiviewer with MHL)
TS Series(2~16IN 1OUT 4K Multiviewer)
4k multiviewer conference
TK-UHD KVM(4k multiviewer)
This is a high-performance 4K four-screen Multiviewer, which supports simultaneous display of 4 channels 4K 60Hz signal channels on the same 4K 60Hz monitor. At the same time, it supports KVM, suitable for Video Conferences, Education, Exhibitions, Stocks and other scenarios.Traverse


TM is a Multiviewer that supports 4 channels 4K60Hz input and 1 channel 4K60Hz output, And the input supports MHL,
you can use your phone as the input source through the phone data-HDMI conversion cable. Suitable for industries such as mobile phone projection or Network live.
Application Industry Case

Meeting room


Stock financial