Recording Server

Recording Controller can be used with video conferencing systems to achieve remote learning.

It is specially designed for classroom recording solutions in the education market.

Compact Recording Server


CRS-Mini is a compact and versatile all-in-one product that is versatile, portable, equipped with common control buttons, integrated HDMI, USB and network media streaming input and output, and supports one-touch recording operation and file download, which can be widely used in teaching recording, small meetings, sports games, presentations and other activities.
2-channel Wireless Handheld Microphone

- High definition signals capture and record, max support 1080P video.
- Supports a wide variety video layout for switching and output.
- USB3.0 port allows you to record video files more flexibly and quickly

2-channel wireless handheld microphone

- Support richer Internet protocols
- Advanced auto tracking technology
- Support Movie mode and Resource mode

Intelligent Recording Server


CRS-IRS-HD07 is the latest product of REACH, it Max supports 6 video signal inputs, including the signals of 4*SDI camera in (or 4K-HD IP Cameras in) and 2*HDMI video in. It integrated audio and video capture, auto-tracking, auto-switch, recording, streaming and POE network switch features, can auto tracking lecturer’s and listener’s movement, detect the video signal source change and auto-switch the video between lecturer close-up, podium panorama, listener close-up, listener panorama, presentation from PC and electronic white board. CRS-IRS-HD07 can works with video conference system, to achieve distance Learning, It specialized for classroom’s recording solution in education market.