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Intelligent Recording Server

CRS-IRS-HD07 is the latest product of REACH, it Max supports 6 video signal inputs, including the signals of 4*SDI camera in (or 4K-HD IP Cameras in) and 2*HDMI video in. It integrated audio and video capture, autotracking, auto-switch, recording, streaming and POE network switch features, can auto tracking lecturer’s and listener’s movement, detect the video signal source change and auto-switch the video between lecturer close-up, podium panorama, listener close-up, listener panorama, presentation from PC and electronic white board. CRS-IRS-HD07 can works with video conference system, to achieve distance Learning, It specialized for classroom’s recording solution in education market.

OPS Module


  • Multiple video sources supported, up to 6 video sources
  • Multi browsers supported to the access webpage UI
  • Simultaneous multiple system control options
  • Advanced auto tracking technology
  • Easy-to-play video format
  • Support richer Internet protocols
  • Exclusive video signal auto-switching technology
  • Support Movie mode and Resource mode
  • USB copy file
VP Series

Automatic Tracking

When the target enters the teacher or student tracking area, tracking can be successfully started when the trigger conditions are met, and the camera can follow the target movement; the teacher can effectively track when moving frontally or sideways, and auxiliary tracking can be started when multiple targets are detected.
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Multi-Directional Tracking

Front and side movement, effective tracking.

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Assisted Tracking

Start auxiliary tracking when multiple targets are detected

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trigger Area

Tracking will automatically start when reaching the trigger area.

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Move Accurately

Within the tracking area, tracking targets with large differences in height can be effectively tracked.

Network Broadcasting System

Supports network director preview, access to picture status viewing, recording control (start, pause, stop, recording information settings, output mode definition), PTZ control, and can also multi-picture synthesis and animation switching (including custom layout, special effects mode) 

VP Series
VP Series Video Wall Controller Diagram

Background Image Settings

In the composition screen, listening classrooms that are not part of the conference will be populated and displayed with the default background image.

VP Series feature diagram

Recording And Playback Control

In normal mode, it provides manual switching of camera positions and real-time preview of the movie guide screen.

VP Series feature diagram