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Rental & Staging LED Video Walls
Project Brief Introduction

iSEMC provides video display solutions for concerts, conferences, trade shows, rallies, and other events. Our video walls are dependable, easy to install, and will provide you with the stunning impact you require. iSEMC Rental and Staging solutions give you the durability, efficiency, and serviceability you need for your event.

Network Operations Centers (NOC)
Stunning Visuals01
Your LED video walls need to give stunning visuals all the time and every time. High brightness levels and perfect pixel pitch help your content shine. We've included features such as ratcheting cabinet locks, anti-collision edges, and onboard corner protection to ensure your equipment keeps providing you with stunning visuals despite the rigors of installation and disassembly.
Built-In Protection03
We've included built-in protection features such as anti-collision edges, safety ropes, ratcheting cabinet locks, and reinforced corners to ensure our video wall displays are protected during installation, tear-down, and transport.
Speedy Assembly and Disassembly02
Your video set up and taken down quickly and with the minimum of hassle is critical to meeting your event deadlines. Our systems are straightforward to assemble and simple for your stage-hands to understand. The components are lightweight and have many features that assist single-person assembly, including universal modules, two-sided connectors, easy-to-use angle blocks, and magnet-assisted frames and modules.
iSEMC video display solutions are suitable for a wide range of uses and in various configurations, including indoors or outside, floor-mounted or hung, and smoothly curved video walls.

LED Video Wall

Ideal Solution for Control Room

VK-S Video Wall Controller

Professional Video Wall Controller
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