Difference Between Copper Brackets And Iron Brackets

What are the differences between LED copper brackets and iron brackets?

iSEMC Central control and audio training for customers

Ethan from iSEMC's Shenzhen branch led a comprehensive training session on Central Control products, covering hardware and software aspects and offering in-depth technical insights into audio processors and various audio equipment, significantly enhancing customer understanding and project application.

Successfully assisted Christian evangelical church activities

iSEMC Senior Technical Manager on-site guidance, continuous praise from customers

On November 20, a customer encountered the problem of not being able to find the corresponding screws when installing a rental screen for the first time. 

Support Education: IFP and LED Display Sponsorship

iSEMC CRS Achieves Record-Breaking Order Speed at Indonesian Educational Expo

On August 24, Indonesia held an important educational equipment exhibition, attracting school leaders, Ministry of Education officials, and important figures in the education sector from all over the country.

Modular LED screens future

Visualizing the future of business - Modular LED screens

Understanding Modular LED Screens

Modular LED screens are a revolutionary technology that has transformed the way we perceive and display images and designs.

VK Serise Video Wall Controllers

The Ultimate Guide to Video Wall Controllers

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about video wall controllers and how they can enhance your business communication.

Security Operation Center(SOC): guard, protect and analyze your information security

Detect cybersecurity incidents in real time and resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

large conference room display

Design a modern conference room, you should know the following points

Guided reading: Today we analyze the conference room block, which is divided into three parts


Have you seen several common LED displays in airports?

A large number of LED displays are used in the air display system of modern airports to meet the business needs of check-in, entry and exit, baggage claim, and boarding.

video wall and big data

Use video wall to realize big data visualization display

Innovation drives the future and leads the development of visualization.

control center video wall

Five things to consider when choosing a control center video wall

There are three main video wall technologies on the market for control rooms: LCD video wall, rear projection and LED.

How do you know which one you need?

LCD video wall and controller

Video Wall Development Trend

The development of video wall displays will produce changes in applications


iSEMC 4k video wall controller point-to-point non-deformation solution

iSEMC has introduced a large-screen splicing solution that realizes point-to-point output. The point-to-point video wall solution of iSEMC 4K video wall controller has the following characteristics...

av over ip

AV over IP made simple

AV over IP (Audiovisual over Internet Protocol) technology has been around for more than a decade; hailed as a revolutionary innovation in the AV industry for its potential to transmit data from multiple sources to a huge number of outputs.


Performance and Application of FPGA-based Video Wall Controller

Due to the need of safe city construction, the development of video surveillance has been further promoted, and thus the application of FPGA in this field has also been promoted.

building a video wall

6 issues to pay attention to when building a video wall

With the popularity of LCD video walls, major projects are gradually using LCD displays for corporate publicity walls, product displays and other content.

LCD video wall

LCD video wall solution analysis

This video wall program introduces the common features of iSEMC 3×3 splicing method, product configuration, technical indicators and other similar video wall program diagrams.

 monitor images on the wall

How a video wall controller monitors video wall images

Our advanced system offers flexibility and scalability, allowing a multitude of input sources to be distributed over many displays ensuring you have a holistic view of any situation.