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Solemnly Declare

iSEMC has a wide range of video wall solutions and related products to meet customer needs for digitally enhanced environments. After years of development, it has been recognized, supported and praised by the majority of users and customers. In the industry, it also has a certain influence.

Recently, our company (Beijing Lema Technology Co., Ltd) found that some companies have seriously violated our company's trademark in the information and advertising of the products (including service products) they provide rights, causing serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of our company. Here, our company solemnly declares as follows:

1. Our company (Beijing Lema Technology Co., Ltd) legally owns the "iSEMC" trademark, and enjoys the exclusive right and is protected by law. Without the authorization and permission of our company, any other company or individual shall not use it without authorization, and shall not infringe the trademark rights of our company;
2. For those related companies that infringe on our company's trademark rights, our company has collected and preserved a large amount of infringement evidence. However, we are still willing to warn the relevant companies that infringe our company's trademark rights with a friendly attitude: please stop the infringement immediately and delete the relevant content that infringes our company's trademark rights!
3. For those related companies or individuals who infringe on our company's trademark rights, if we do not immediately stop and correct the infringement, our company will investigate their legal responsibilities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and demand compensation for all economic losses caused to our company. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility will be investigated according to law.

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