Scoring & Timing for Football


This is a professional solution for LED scoreboard display in Football stadiums.
Mainly for large-scale Football matches which held in professional sports venues.
The system functions conform to IFAB rules.
Match arrangement, real-time scoring & timing display, players’ & referees’ info display, rank statistics export & print, slow motion video record & playback, and advertising display can be realized through the coordination of Match Scoring System, Meet Management System, Sports Stats System, Video Arbitration System, etc.
It is an ideal choice for most of smart and professional stadiums.
LED Display screen in football match
System Architecture
Match Scoring System
Match Scoring System named ULTRA SCORE is composed of Ultra Score Software, Match Scoring & Timing Host, Referee Scoring & Timing Terminal, Match Timing Display, etc.
It is mainly operated by the referees to realize the scoring and timing work and real-time scoreboard display.
The system functions conform to IFAB rules.
Football Stats System
Consists of Football Stats Workstation.
The system can record the shoots, assists, owngoals, yellow card, red card and penalties data during the Football game. Linking with Online Registration System and Match Scoring System, the timing and scoring data will be exactly synchronized with them.
It also can generate the professional and detailed statistics report and provide data sharing for website and platform.
Meet Management System
It is composed of Meet Management Server, On-Venue Results Workstation, Printer, etc. Linking with Online Registration System, Match Scoring System and Football Stats System, it can realize: participants management, match schedule, result management, technical statistics, court arrangement, rank statistics, etc.
Video Arbitration System
Video Arbitration System named PARROT is composed of video arbitration server, control panel and cameras.
It is operated by the referees during the match. When working with Match Scoring System, referee’s score operation will be marked on the frame of video automatically, whilst playback them in slow motion with changes in speed.
It can be used to provide the technical support when dispute happens during the match so as to reduce the misjudging, to ensure fairness and justice of the match.
System Wiring Diagram
Diagram for solution
System Description
A LAN is set up in the stadium. Connect the LED control PC, Ultra Score Terminal PC, Match Scoring & Timing Host, Referee Scoring & Timing Terminal, Football Stats Workstation, Meet Management Server, On-Venue Results Workstation and Printer to the LAN.
Match Scoring & Timing Host
It is the core scoring & timing equipment which is installed in the Officials Table and has the function of hot backup. Use the special cables to connect the Match Timing Display and Thermal Printer to the host.
Match Timing Display
Two Match Timing Displays connect with Match Scoring & Timing Host with G-line cables.
Football Stats Software
Installed in the Technical Table to work independently or connect to the LAN to obtain the match data from Ultra Score System.
software for football stats
LED Screen
One or two LED screens are controlled by separate computers which connect with LED sending cards. Both of the LED screens can show the same contents or different contents as required.
LED Screen in football field
Referee Scoring & Timing Terminal
Installed in the Officials Table for referee’s operation of score and penalty. It can be connected to the LAN through network cable or WIFI.
Meet Management Server
It is the core data processing equipment which is installed in the Technical Table and connected to the LAN by network cable.
Solution Features
Professional scoreboard display
Scoring and timing operation, layout of scoreboard can meet international game rules.
image for LED in football field
Scoring functions
Modify the score of the team and player, operate player yellow/red card, player substitution, match timer control.
Scoring Funciton
Convenient operation feeling
Referees can do operation on a special score console as well as by using shortcuts on the keyboard.
All contents on the scoreboard including fonts, color and layout can be modified to meet clients' needs.
Auto backup function will help you recover the match immediately from the computer fault.
Match management
Information of match, team, team members and referees can be saved in advance. And referee’s scoring operation during the match can be recorded and output.
Timing functions
Include operation and display of game time, pause, break time and system time.
Powerful media player
Kinds of media formats are supported. It is easy to switch between the scoreboard and video.
Rolling to display short notice on the screen which allows to set the speed, colors, fonts freely.
With easy configuration,score information can be displayed on kinds of LED and LCD screen by using this system which can adjust the layout to meet any sizes of screen.
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