Transparent OLED Retail

Model:OL55 Panel Series

OLED transparent displays are highly popular in retail and commercial advertising due to their outstanding transparency, high contrast, vibrant colors, and flexibility. They enhance brand image, attract more potential customers, and have become a leading choice in the advertising industry.When the screen is turned off, it presents a visual texture of transparent glass, harmonious and harmonious with the environment; A futuristic design that can also give users a stunning visual experience

Transparent OLED Retail  Revolution


  • Supports 7*24 hours operation
  • Ad content changes quickly
  • Bright colors
  • Ultra-thin and Fashion Design
  • Supports 7*24 hours operation
  • Highly interactive touch screen
  • Content changes quickly
  • High contrast and color saturation
  • 178° wide viewing angle, the colors are still rich when viewed from multiple angles
  • Support Full HD

    Support Full HD

    OLED billboards are commonly found in shopping malls, department stores, retail outlets, and commercial areas. They are used to showcase products, promotional messages

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    Narrow Bezel

    A slim bezel on a digital menu board gives your menu center stage.

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    Low Power Consumption

    If you lose your internet connection, you can still update your screen using a USB stick.

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    Instant updates anytime,

    LED backlight technology improves brightness and contrast. Its service life has been greatly increased to more than 70,000 hours, and power consumption has been reduced by about 30%.

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    Multi-screen synchronization

    Create stunning content on multiple monitors or simply change menus simultaneously.

    Support Large Size Combination

    The LCD video wall is to form a seamless large-size display screen by connecting multiple LCD display screens together.

    Support Large Size Combination