Experience Center

An Experience Center is an interactive space designed to engage visitors with hands-on demonstrations and immersive experiences of products or services.

  • TransmissionInteractive Demonstrations
  • Smart ClientImmersive VR/AR Experiences
  • Smart Client copyPersonalized Engagement
  • Smart Client copy copyEducational And Training Programs

Welcome to iSEMC, the ultimate destination for future experiences. Our experience centers are interactive concept-based, offering a multi-sensory experience in every area while showcasing the latest IoT innovations in an inspiring environment. From the moment you step in, you'll enter a world of cutting-edge technology and futuristic design.

Experience Center Video Wall
Solutions Introduction

Welcome to iSEMC, the ultimate destination for future experiences. Our experience centers are interactive concept-based, offering a multi-sensory experience in every area while showcasing the latest IoT innovations in an inspiring environment. From the moment you step in, you'll enter a world of cutting-edge technology and futuristic design.

Experience Center

Capacity: 20-50 People

Meeting Room Area: 200-300㎡

Application Scenarios: Product display, customer reception


4K60 high-definition video transmission, all video, audio, and control signals in the conference room can be transmitted to each other

Excellent Color Reproduction Screen

Advanced color processing technology ensures that every pixel can accurately present the original color

One-Touch Control

One-touch control of device switch and one-touch call of conference scene

Smart Client

One client controls all meeting rooms, and the client supports all systems
Show and Share Experiences
The true benefit of experience centers is that visitors have the experience rather than merely hearing about it. Your aim should be to make these experiences as memorable and stunning as possible, and you can achieve that with an iSEMC in an educating, informing, and entertaining manner. With one of our visualization solutions., you are taking the customer experience to another level.
State-Of-The-Art Technology
You want to do the best for your brand, which means using only the best technology in your experience center. ISEMC uses state-of-the-art technology in our visualization solutions for experience centers. They'll allow you to showcase your brand and organization the way it should be displayed; in stunning clarity. We'll provide you with reliable, simple-to-use, easily maintained, and versatile solutions. They will enable you to adapt and transform your story-telling canvas. For a quality, flexible, and consistent visualization solution, an iSEMC product will exceed your expectations and those of your customers too.
Sell Through Seeing
Your experience center can be the most crucial part of the customer journey. You should do everything you can to maximize your opportunities to convert visitors into customers. Consider your experience center as your top salesperson and give them the tools to sell! An iSEMC solution is the best sales tool you can give them, as a stunning visual display is more likely to seal the deal than a verbal sale pitch.
No Room For Downtime
In live TV broadcasting, downtime is not an option. Our display solutions are designed with in-built power and video redundancy, meaning you get continuous operations 24/7. Ensure you have total reliability for your mission-critical broadcast applications.

Powerful Solution Features

It has four prominent features to ensure the powerful function of the Experience Center

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High-Fidelity Sound Quality

Using original digital processing and transmission technology, it supports adjustable volume of all input and output audio, supports automatic mixing (AN), automatic gain (AGC), echo suppression (AEC), noise cancellation (ANC) and other algorithms

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Small Pitch LED Display

High brightness, ultra-wide viewing angle, small pitch LED display, bringing a good visual experience

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Centralized Control

One client can manage and control the video, audio, and environment control of all conference rooms. No tedious operations are required, saving operation and maintenance costs. The control client supports Windows, iOS, and Android systems

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Excellent Color Reproduction Screen

Adopts advanced color processing technology to ensure that every pixel can accurately present the original color

Visual Display
All systems will be presented in related ways, such as pictures, data, video, software interface, which are more intuitive and vivid.
Video Walls for Exhibitions
Creative Splicing
The video wall system takes the video wall display unit (LCD splicing unit, LED display unit, DLP projector) as a unit. Creative splicing can be made according to the number of display units in actual projects; the system doesn’t be limited under any condition in number and splicing style.
Creative splicing
Industrial Grade Equipment
iSEMC video wall display system is an industrial grade device; it supports arbitrary power off and power on without any setting; thus its operation is convenient, direct and professional, not affected by the network or network viruses. The MTBF is greater than 50000 hours. The system adopts the embedded system and industrial-level products, to ensure that the project is stable and reliable.
All Over Ip

All signals are transmitted based on the network, and all video, audio, and control signals in each conference room support mutual transmission.

Pure Digital Technology

iSEMC video wall display system adopts pure digital technologies to solve various problems of analog display and transmission and integrated wiring. various signals can be transmitted via only few transmission cables; Moreover. iSEMC video wall display system supports remote transmission, and digital transmission is more stable and reliable than analog transmission.

Multiple Video Input Sources And Diversification Display
iSEMC video wall display system supports any combination of display mode, multiple windows overlaying, multiple signals displaying simultaneously. And moreover, the system can set up multiple display modes, and supports the relevant display mode of one-key switch. Support input of multiple signals, such as video signals and computer signals. Various signal sources, such as video monitoring information, camera, video recorder, VCD, projector for actually stands and computer signal, can access the multiple screen image processing system. Signals can be freely moved, zoom in/out, across the screen or overlapped in the form of windows after being processed.
Multiple video input sources and diversification display
High Practicability
Possess a variety of management methods according to the characteristics of practical applications. Graphical management interface and the system design meets the actual engineering needs. The system configuration emphasizes advantage and practicability, as well as the economic effects of the system configurations, to achieve the comprehensive balance.
High Compatibility
iSEMC video wall display system is compatible with peripherals or other peripheral platform of the video wall system; seamless connection for control, transmission and display can be realized
Interactive Display
Experience centres often use interactive exhibits to showcase the brand story.
These exhibits may include images, video loops, touch screens, or even physical objects that visitors can get their hands on.
Interactive elements can enhance what are often monotonous, preset presentations. By blending audio, video and audience-specific interactive activities, these large-scale exhibitions can transform one-way communication with customers into a two-way dialogue.
Interactive Display
Creative And Free Combination
User management supports various users, such as super administrator, user administrator and operator. Different users can be assigned different permissions for managing subsystem and equipment control configuration, such as: image browsing, cloud mirror control, video and image playing, TV wall operation etc..
Creative and free combination
Information release
Release the real-time surrounding entertainment through the information release system, display and product information and corporate events, to provide customers with fast and convenient information.
Video Walls for Exhibitions
HD Playback
Support various media HD playback, including various pictures and videos in different forms
Information release
Customized System
The system supports customized development; namely, develop a series of software for enterprises based on the project and the actual function needs of users and control processes. Customized development is targeted at actual situations of different projects, can meet users’ requirements for the next few years and future development demands, as well as develop applicable procedures; users can freely operate software, to meet the user-specific usage habits.
Support Live Play
In the video area for information release the television live play signal can be transmitted through coding devices of the digital television
Video Walls for Exhibitions
Network Function
Support all existing IP network and network protocols, as well as provide guarantee for service quality.Real-time information release: rolling subtitles, pictures, video and other spots.Network update broadcast content, no need of manual change.Manage the play terminals in the centralized or distributed management modes via network, supporting hierarchic and partition management.
Information release
Wide Range Of Applications
The system is widely used for control various devices, which are used in intelligent conference room, video intercom, intelligent community, intelligent office, command center, smart home, distance education, video conferencing, monitoring center and other projects.
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