VKE Video Wall Controller

VKE video wall controller is professional video image processing product which is based on the development of multi-windows no frame tearing LED and LCD display control technology.

Adopt RS232+LAN control method, and configure HDMI input/output interface, support up to 128 scene save and recall,to meet a variety of professional system application requirements.
VKE video wall controller


  • Support preset windowing mode, flexible call
  • Supports cropping and display of any position of the signal source, the same signal can be cropped four times
  • Support scene management, such as scene save, scene call, scene preview, scene polling
  • Support resolution customization output, the maximum resolution is 1920x1200@60hz, and support up to 2560 pixels width, up to 1920 pixels height for LED
  • Control mode: RS232 serial port and LAN network port
  • Serial port commands can realize scene calling, scene saving, scene polling, signal switching, query and setting IP
  • Input supports maximum resolution of 1920x1200@60hz
  • Support real-time detection of all input and output signals, to observe and detect the access status
  • Support input signal source OSD function, it's able to set character font, size, color,transparency, position
  • Support up to 2 windows on single screen
  • Support splicing configuration import and export
  • Support online upgrade of the whole machine
  • Support picture-in-picture, overlay, multi-screen display, large-screen splicing functions
Full Hardware FPGA Architecture

Full Hardware FPGA Architecture

Greater reliability and security with direct control of the hardware, reducing the possibility of bugs and errors in the software

fas fa-paint-roller

Hybrid plug-in structure

Higher flexibility to adapt to different project needs.

fas fa-check-double

No embedded operating system

Provides higher performance and lower power consumption.

fab fa-magento

Internal self-built core computing mechanism

More cost-effective, providing faster response time and specialized functions.

fas fa-image

Excellent image processing performance

Image signal full hardware point-to-point capability, real-time lossless.

Flexible Handling of Signals


Arbitrary Windowing

Overlay & Roaming

Splitting & Zooming

Stretching & Cropping

Used to control LCD and LED splicing screen signal display

Seamless switching, no black screen, stuck screen, jitter, tearing and other phenomena during the switching



VKE Video Wall Controller Solution Topology

Commonly used for LCD, LED DLP wall solutions, can be connected to all input sources via HDMI port, you can use PC/Laptop to control input sources easily via LAN
VKE Video Wall Controller Diagram

Product Structure

VKE Front panel

VKE Front panel