VKI Video Wall Controller

Model: VKI-3U(2x2, 2x3), VKI-7U(3x3), VKI-14U(3x3*2)

VKI Series video wall controller is new generation professional image processing product which is based on the development of multi-windows, ultra-high definition and visual display control technology. Compare to other video wall controller in the market, VKI series has upgraded its system capacity to 4K@60hz input and output, so that there is a significant advantage on the processing speed and image display. Meanwhile, VKI series controller supports multiple services, density of I/O interfaces and long term reliability. It is an all-in-one product which has 4K input and output processing, IP-Video Decoding, Monitoring control, Scene preset, Embedded Audio Output, User management and other advanced applications to meet a variety of professional Video and Audio system application requirements
VKI Series Processer

featuresVKI Series

Support 4K*60 Hz and web control

Relevant Features

Support 4K*60 Hz in @ Out

 Support 4k*60 Hz input and output signal, offering a clear and vivid picture, HDR is possible, cabinet sides with light-shield strip to block light from the back, fantastic visual effect.

Web Control

VKI comes with new feature of Web Control. The Web Control provides the properties, methods, and events that are common to PC software control. You can control the appearance and behavior of a Web Control by IP address and support multiple users to control from multiple devices.

Scene Switching

Scene Switching is a feature that functions so that, rather than manually switching between scenes. This can make creating content easier and feel more natural, whether synchronous or asynchronous.

Multi-group Control

Redundant power supply

Dual control card backup

 Processer VKI Series


• One output channel support up to 8 layers
• Up to 4 groups management
• Scrolling text and background image
• Support LED, up to 8K x 1K output
Full Hardware FPGA Architecture

Using ARM+FPGA+DDR Hardware

Embeddedsoftware system, fast start-up speed, stable andreliable performance

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Image processing function

The video processor can output signals from other devices to the video wall, and ensure high quality.

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I/O card flexible replacement

VKI can select different configuration input and output cards according to different schemes.

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Encoding and decoding functions

The video processor is capable of performing video encoding and decoding operations to convert the original video signal into a compressed format.

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The video processor supports multiple channels

The function of combining multiple video signals into one output signal and extracting multiple video streams from one input signal.

Meet Various Signal Access On Site

VKI Processor

Port mapping

Preview echo

IP network decoding

2K/4K resolution switching

High-speed Transmission

Backplane switching architecture makes each input and output channelexclusive data bandwidth, parallel high-speed transmission of video data, ensuring real-time display of all video signals , no frame loss, no dustoss and showing high quality lmage

VKI Processer