IFP Component - OPS Module

OPS Module - OPS-i730

OPS is designed to simplify the deployment and maintenance of IFP by allowing for easy installation and upgrades of computing modules without the need for complex cabling or external devices. The OPS module, which is a small form-factor computer, can be inserted into a slot on the back of an OPS-compatible IFP, effectively turning it into a powerful interactive computing platform.
OPS Module


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All Aluminum Material

All-aluminum integrated heat dissipation, wide groove design on the body surface for better heat dissipation, including double copper tubes and double radiators
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Double Cooling Fan

Double cooling fan to dissipate the heat generated by electronic components and maintain an optimal operating temperature.
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Ultra Light

At the same time of high performance, the lightweight module design makes the installation very convenient


  • The board-mounted 4G D4 has a 128-bit independent display, which is the only one in the industry that can achieve a thickness of 30MM

  • TPY-C interface
  • Maximum support for 6 3.0USB
  • Anti-fouling, dust-proof, fully enclosed body, preventing dust from affecting product life
  • Strong anti-static (static cloth and cotton to prevent short circuit of OPS caused by static electricity)
  • 8-layer PCB board with strong performance and double-layer design
  • Low CPU temperature and strong performance (Turbo on)
  • Normal operation at minus 15°-75°
  • On-board WiFi, 2-in-1 audio

Product Display Diagram